Since 2007, Alison Rossiter has collected expired photographic papers from the 19th and early 20th centuries, creating an archive of over 1,800 individual packages that represent the rise and transformation of the photography industry over time. Even in dark storage, each package of paper reacted to conditions – moisture, humidity, physical damage, attacks by mold spores – that manifested in tonal changes when developed. These resulting tones are evidence of the papers’ experience and are taken by the artist to be subject matter. Featured in our viewing room are Rossiter’s abstract, minimalist assemblages composed of rare, expired photographic papers from England, France, Belgium, Germany, and the United States, which the artist processed using photographic chemicals and grouped together to form a chronology of three specific decades of the 20th century. Substance of Density 1918-1948, the artist’s third exhibition at the gallery, is now on view at 245 Tenth Avenue, in New York City, through October 17, 2020.